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IN THE BEGINNING there was Roland's founder Ikutaro Kakehashi and an arsenal of "computer controlled" analog jock boxes designed specifically to outmode the trad rock (read: HUMAN) rhythm section... the circuitry was so tightly wound however, so rooted in synthesis that it failed to meet its promise. It wasn't until the mid-80s that the TB/TR system took novel form as acid house; a simple but novel attitude shift that saw an embrace of extra-terrestrial machine funk aesthetics converging with the all-too-human need to make austere, robotic dance music. ENTER NO FUN ACID ::: Carlos Giffoni's reinvention and reanimation of the noise cadaver vis a vis German minimal synth rewired to memories of seedy Venezuelan raves circa 199X. A nebulous drone gives way to 606 delirum, followed by an array of sequenced modular synth, infinitely spiraling like a borehole through Kakehashi's 3rd eye. This is acid: the primordial years. On the flip is an elegiac space hymnal take on NFA from techno alchemist Gavin Russom. Mastered by Rashad Becker in Berlin, Pressed in Detroit at Archer. Artwork by Adriane Schramm. Limited to 500 copies.
57 Russell Haswell 'Value+Bonus' 2xCD
Combining CD player demonstration test signals, 24 bit digitally recorded improvised freeform analog pedal/electronic nO!se, direct to HD computer generated and recorded nO!se, flashbacks from the 1980s of 303 and 909 nO!se assaults including free-style repeat and reverse editing, a frog call editing experiment, finishing off the second disc is a unedited long-form radio de-tuning session! VALUE + BONUS is the sixth solo album release by Russell Haswell. It comes in deluxe no fun gatefold jacket and is limited to 1000.
56 Oneohtrix Point Never 'Rifts' 2xCD
The Rifts trilogy travels from the outside-in, beginning with the dark space sonatas of Octagon, down through the mechanized vistas of Zones and completing itself with the haunting electronic animus of Russian Mind. This journey is underscored with a natural growth which sees Lopatin developing his unabashed worship of the analog poly-synth as a free standing musical apparatus towards a fully realized OPN world of sound; at once incorporating synth prog, modern noise, early techno, drone, minimalism and computer music. The double disc includes all 3 albums in its entirety, as well as selections from rare and out of print cassette and CD-R releases, with recordings spanning as far back as 2003. Fully re-mastered for digital audio by James Plotkin, art by Tom Scholefield.
54 Oneohtrix Point Never 'Russian Mind' LP
Transcribed by the Material Eye Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Universitetskaya nab. 1, St. Petersburg, 199034, Russia. 6 baseless marble pillars not yet completed, covered in white strata against the backdrop of a simple three-dimensional plane with soft edges. 1. Synesthesia outside venue. 2. If you lived here, you'd be home right now. 3. Lopatin designs preset "Prismata" ascribed to Trujillo, 2003 and goes downstairs for air. 4. He comes from a long line of shovelers 5. Life On An International Space Station video 32min / falls asleep. 6. An astronaut beyond his prime and no longer able to carry out his father's work rests in a hospital bed in a room on the east wing of a orbiting infirmary, facing a window overlooking a grove of holographic birch trees. Hums.. Limited to 500.
52 Carlos Giffoni / Keith Fullerton Whitman 'Techno b/w 070207' LP
Two very active modern electronic musicians who enjoy 20th century analog equipment deliver a document of mind expanding electronics with very different approaches. Giffoni's track 'Techno' is full of layered and perfectly synched synthetic rhythms matched with some very adhesive evolving sounds; Creating something that somehow ends up being a homage to both early techno and harsh Japanese electronics. Whitman's track is a beautiful exploration of synthetic tonality and space, like a sudden massage to several areas of the brain one by one but also all at once with a little spice of musique concrete . Both of these recordings share an expansive and psychedelic nature, as well as a nod to the past while moving into the future. Artwork by Maya Miller. Limited to 400.
50 Noveller 'Red Rainbows' CD
Debut CD from Brooklyn musician and film maker Sarah Lipstate. Red Rainbows is full of growing tonal drones that evoke visions of menacing multicolored skies alongside tracks full of beautiful minimalistic structures that shoot straight for the heart. Sarah uses double-neck guitar and various electronics to create breathtaking atmospheres with an intensity that works on both a cognitive and emotional level. These tracks are either really beautiful or really dirty when the time is right, which is the key here. Sarah knows what she is doing and when to do it. This is an essential initial document from one of the new artists bending abstract sound into meaningful structures. Includes a collaboration with Carlos Giffoni. This is an enhanced CD and includes the short film 'Interior Variations'. Artwork by Caroline Contillo.
49 John Wiese 'Circle Snare' CD
Consider "Circle Snare" a hard-wrought souvenir. Composed and realized in the midst of a comprehensive Scandinavian/European tour in 2008, John Wiese found himself tangled deep in dialogue with his instruments and ideas. Wiese increasingly scrutinized his native tongue and vocabulary, seeking new forms of grammar and cadence, as only extensive dives in unfamiliar waters can inspire. His given electronic anatomy of drum machine, microphones, tapes, and MSP folded out of their hard accustomed formations, breaking out into a more cogent and vital arsenal. "Circle Snare" is the cumulative result, a finely detailed and dimensional evolution of an already unique voice. The circle is a spiral from the side, and the greatest trap is standing still.
48 White Out(+ Spencer Yeh and Carlos Giffoni) 'Live at No Fun' LP
Recorded live at No Fun Fest 2008. White Out(Tom Surgal and Lin Culbertson) are true pursuers of the mythical everlasting improvisational fire. With a style thats both oblique and right to the point Tom's dynamic poly-rhythmic percussion and Lin's dynamic electronics and voice are augmented in this scorching live recording by C. Spencer Yeh (Burning Star Core) on violin and Carlos Giffoni on analog synth. This was their first collaboration and is full of amazing interplay that covers a wide spectrum of sound, From other-world evolving sounds to furious free improvisation to thick layers of dense drones, this is a totally bombastic and essential document of ageless modern improvisation. Limited to 350.
47 Noveller 'Paint on the Shadows' LP
Mystery hides in the shadows, dreaming of colors that don't yet exist. Noveller is Sarah Lipstate. She is a young musician and filmmaker currently living in Bushwick, Brooklyn. When she is not busy working on Noveller music or making films she also plays guitar in the band Parts & Labor. Paint on the Shadows is her overdue debut LP full of beautiful floating guitar lines, breathtaking soundscapes and precise sculptures of spiraling sound created by Sarah using double-neck guitar, a tape player, and various electronic manipulations. Add this one to the list of new generation of sound masters we have been bringing you lately. Recorded in studio by Colin Marston and produced by Sarah Lipstate and Carlos Giffoni. Limited to 350 copies. Artwork by Caroline Contillo.
46 Ducktails / Dracula Lewis 'Split' LP
There is a murder in the beach. Ducktails arrives in his spaceship escalade to investigate the scene. Dracula Lewis is the principal suspect. They become best friends and decide to work on a split LP. When a vampire kills a body is never found. At the same time beautiful and terrifying cavern drone sounds from Dracula Lewis, Psychedelic spiraling melodies and electronics beats from Ducktails. Both investigate the limits of the space time continuum. This is the new dawn of expansive music. Ducktails is Matthew Mondanile (Also a member of Real Estate.) Dracula Lewis was born in Transylvania but currently lives in the country side of Italy, were the locals refer to him as 'A Gypsy.' Limited to 500 copies.
45 Zaimph 'Death Blooming Pleasure' LP
When spinning this dark velvet cloak a door opens to clouds of smoke shooting out the windows sills of the shell of old library like ink plumes while smokes leaps like black cats between the curtains. Stone and concrete crumble and fill the air with gray gas showering the the maze of shrubs in the courtyard with a dark veil of soot. Marcia Bassett has tread the waters of noise pysch drone and continues to defy the categories. a dark psychadelic guitar wash peaks its head out of the smoldering coals that could have been released on the mighty slaughter productions death industrial temple from Italy.Further morbidity croaks from the slicing vocals of a distraught entity being ripped from one dimension to the other... and rather enjoying her ordeal. Light the candles and burn the incense....Limited to 300 copies.
44 Alfredo Costa Monteiro 'Cinq Bruissements- For Solo Accordion' LP
‘Coming after my first solo accordion recording (rumeur on creative sources, 2004), cinq bruissements is a new step into the exploration of the accordion; this time, the microphones were placed at a very tiny distance of the instrument, almost inside, as if it was literally auscultated by very greedy ears, attentive to any remote rumor. Trying to penetrate the sonic secret of this secular box (pandora’s one was more essential, although it was a jar) reemphasizes a disconnection between what is predictable and what is identifiable.’ Very singular sounding accordion solo recording, at times like an array of bizarre analog electronics and at others like beautiful minimalist tape music, this is an unbelievable achievement in extended technique. There are still boundaries to be pushed and there is no genre to define one man’s most unique and inspired creation. Limited to 300 copies.
43 Oneohtrix Point Never 'Betrayed in the Octagon' LP
Oneohtrix Point Never is Daniel Lopatin's project of polysynth epic electronic sound. Cascading melodies, holistic drones, and folding tones combine to create a dichotomy of sound that reflects on the organic discovery of our nature and the infinite possibilities within our enclosed human systems. Betrayed in the Octagon is a frozen fantasy, a liminal record that brings to mind caves and other hidden places where life started billions of years ago. OPN is a lost soul from the poysynth epoch giving a nod to the old masters while moving trough the systems of 21st century life and reflecting them in the pure beauty of total electronic moving sound. Originally released as a cassette on Deception Island in 2007, Octagon was the first OPN release. NFP is proud to bring it back re-sequenced and re-mastered for vinyl as the first OPN LP. Artwork by Chris Madak. limited to 300 copies.
42 Marco Fusinato 'Ripping Skies' LP
From the bowels of the southern hemisphere, guitar /electronics noise signor Marco Fusinato gives us the full F/A-18 squadron attack. One side is an inferno of mangled guitar spit, relentlessly speeding and colliding with all in its path. The flipside features a giant monochord stuck and struggling to escape from the shards of the volatile overload. Recorded live, then spliced/mixed/mastered by Oren Ambarchi. Cover artwork by Australian colonial convict/forgerer/artist Joseph Lycett. And now… everything’s wrong. Limited to 300 copies.
41 Astromero 'Live in San Francisco' LP
Astromero is the psychedelic synth / noise project of Japanese pioneer Hiroshi Hasegawa (Astro,CCCC), and LA's Damion Romero (Speculum Fight). Side A is a live show in San Francisco, a total scorcher with an immense level of energy where shifting walls of synthetic sound produced by Hasegawa are complemented by the signature rumbling low end frequencies coming from Damion's custom electronics. Side B is a new studio track, full of brain melting tones and showing the more compositional side of this sick ongoing collaboration. Limited to 350.
40 Carlos Giffoni 'Adult Life' CD
This is shining and pure electronic music. Adult Life continues Carlos Giffoni's work in slow-building drones but he also imbues these new compositions with subtle structure,melodic sequences and blind-siding rhythmic pulses which recall the many pioneers of electronic composition, among them Cluster, Brian Eno, Kraftwerk, and Tangerine Dream.The caustic melding of foreboding abstraction and lively pulse raises Adult Life to a paradigm of the breathing and the immaculate, a strange set of dichotomies finding a shocking common ground. Original Illustrations for this full length by Megan Ellis.
39 Hair Police 'Certainty of Swarms' CD
The fusion of metal, noise rock, free jazz, industrial, and harsh electronics that makes up The Certainty of Swarms is the rare kind of heterogeneous concoction that is carefully matured, but never lost in pedestrian calculation. A blistering onslaught of metallic-fused noise-murk, Swarms is considered by the band to be one of their most complete statements to date, an aptly blindsiding and developed work drawing from all quarters of their craft.
38 Carlos Giffoni / THE RITA 'Two on a Match' 2xLP
The ongoing study and execution of harsh noise by driven artists constantly reinstates the medium via different techniques, concepts, and different artist amalgamations for a collaborative work. For myself, working with the different 'warbling' and generative moving lines of modular synth from Carlos Giffoni offered me a chance to investigate many different 'spaces' of tone and line manipulation. The examination and crossing of the different LINES slowly become their own parallel entity as the adjoined and wavy synth lines are further dirtied, cut repeatedly, and joined with the knife of 'gated' and cutting HN pedal work.To further manipulate and display the different lines and HN stylizations, Giffoni had the opportunity to heavily edit the textural work of THE RITA to exude the constantly moving and jutting sense of Giffoni's own pulsing and driving synth decay via the dirtied analog source material of THE RITA. Modular synth and pedal work have been long standing tools in the world of harsh noise, but not often are they crossed over with such investigative and crackling tendencies – a virtual criss-crossing of the different technical lines. - Sam McKinlay(THE RITA) - Limited to 300 copies
37 Dror Feiler+Lasse Marhaug 'No More Drama' LP
Sometimes sounds like borbetomagus playing in the middle of a storm, sometimes sounds like being in the middle of a bombing in Palestine. A Picture of this record should be next to every definition of Noise music. Lasse Marhaug plays in Jazkamer and has at least 300 other great projects solo and with other people. Dror Feiler served as a paratrooper in the Israel Defense Forces, and refused to serve in the occupied territories in the early 70's. He is now a Swedish-Israeli musician and artist and has been living in Stockholm, Sweden since 1973. He is active as a composer of modern music and enjoys giving ear problems and headaches to classically trained musicians. The most brutal vinyl record you will hear this year. Limited to 300 copies.
36 Dylan Nyoukis 'Inside Wino Lodge' LP
New solo LP of strange sounds, vocal improvisations, tape manipulations mangled strings and hiss drones from Dylan Nyoukis (Decaer Pinga,Blood Stereo) inside his wino lodge. Sounds like it was recorded in a 4 track in 1972 in an insane asylum, then puked over and thrown into the sea, then discovered recently and transfer directly to Vinyl via marine analog tape communication device (thats a compliment).Good one to buy if you are wondering what a naked Scotish man and his daughter look and sound like. Perfect combination of strange and amazing. Limited to 300 copies.
35 Emeralds 'What Happened' CD
Emeralds is at the forefront of a new American movement that continues the experimentation in analog electronics of the 60's and 70's while ignoring the formulaic and boring turn electronic music took in the later part of the 20th century. Add a renewed energy gained from their connections to the noise movement, and you have some of the most original and true music of the new century. 'What Happened' continues their exploration in tonal beauty of their recent work that brought to mind pioneers like Tangerine Dream and Cluster, while presenting a new approach to structure that brings to mind masters like Luc Ferrari and opens our ears to a new universe full of astonishing possibilities. This is the true new American infinite electronic music of our present. Recorded by Emeralds and mastered by James Plotkin.
34 A Handful of Dust 'Now Gods, Stand Up For Bastards/The Philosophik Mercury' 2xCD
Now Gods, Stand Up For Bastards/The Philosophik Mercury is a double-disc re-issue of two limited and long out-of-print works by this obscure enigma. Plunging straight into the chasm of ultra-minimalist abrasion and chaotic improv, these two records stand as unrelenting and engrossing epics of guitar feedback, disintegrating electronic sound, string-shredding violin abuse, and other facets of impassioned iconoclasm. Recommended for lovers of AMM, Henry Flynt, and Hijokaidan. A Handful of Dust are a group consisting of a core duo of Bruce Russell (The Dead C) and Alastair Galbraith. Formed in Dunedin, New Zealand in 1990.
33 Greg Kelley 'Religious Electronics' LP
Face melting electronics from Greg Kelley. This is not a Jazz record. Limited to 350 copies.
32 Dan Burke and Thomas Dimuzio 'Upcomign Events' CD
Further exploring the collaborative powers of Illusion Of Safety mastermind Dan Burke and prolific sound crafter Thomas Dimuzio, Upcoming Events is an unending spur of equal parts gorgeous and uncomfortably perplexing sound spread of 15 tracks. Crackles of electronic fire, tremolo-infused waves of sustained guitar, broken music boxes and found sounds among all other sorts of unfounded wails of gargantuan melancholy drone, Burke and Dimuzio's collaboration is a forceful collection of early industrial sound ruination combined with classic Krautrock ambiance of the Tangerine Dream/Cluster ilk reassuringly composed into something wholly modern and powerful.
31 Dino Felipe 'No Fun Demo' CD
Previously know for his electronic work with Miami's Schematic label and his experimental records on his own and with others (Old Bombs, Fukktron,etc) this time Dino stares right at the ghost of his MTV dreams childhood years and comes out of it with the most beautiful record of well put together songs you'll hear this year. A full instrumented record of pop rock, ballads, psychedelia, no-wave, rock noise and total mutations injected with Dino's own unique approach. This is the pop music of the present, and a recording shooting to change the future.
30 Religious Knives 'Resin' CD
Since their first release for No Fun Productions, the collection of early LP's/singles entitled 'Remains', the Religious Knives have grown into a stunningly assured and powerful rock n' roll band of sorts, one liberally and noticeably immersed in the smoke-addled haze of the psychedelic underground. Resin marches ahead with a vigorous potency that accurately shares its bloodline with the best psychedelic acts of the past. This is Brooklyn's true Psychedelic Rock.
29 Menstruation Sisters 'MA' LP
Reissue of their legendary first LP, released originally in an edition of 100 in Australia only. Total rock/noise/guitar/percussion/vocal madness that destroys any ideas of what sound and structure should or shouldn't be. Best band ever? limited to 500 copies.
28 Nels Cline/Carlos Giffoni/Alan Licht/Lee Ranaldo
'Nothing Makes Any Sense' CD
A constantly shifting and engaging long-form piece of developed drone, foreboding melody, and harsh grit, Nothing Makes Any Sense finds Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth), Nels Cline (Nels Cline Singers, Wilco), and Alan Licht pushing their guitars into a cacophonous state that bears much influence from the post-jazz fields they've all cut their teeth in, but also bearing down a forceful brutality that has sometimes eluded their past material. While Carlos Giffoni uses his analog Synth mastery to adequately contend and mesh seamlessly with the trio of strings, letting his analog noise pulsate and pierce with its own sense of contained stampede.
27 Prurient 'And Still, Wanting' CD+5"vinyl
A tale of lost love and desperation, this is Prurient's full length follow up to the acclaimed Pleasure Ground. And Still,Wanting takes the recent new direction of combining layered synth's and electronic loops with his usual poignant vocals to a whole new level of intensity. A new chapter in obsession with all that is mundane in our human life. The CD edition is limited to 1000 copies and comes with a Bonus 5" vinyl titled 'Shield' with tracks that won't be available anywhere else + 12 page full color booklet and lyrics printed inside the gatefold package. The picture disc LP version comes with full color waterfall picture on the front and lyrics on the back,and is limited to 500 copies.
26 Thurston Moore 'Sensitive/Lethal' CD
Sensitive/Lethal is Thurston Moore in deep basement cosmosis. Investigations into acoustic guitar as noise instrument as well as noise/amp discussion for a hopeful and bright blackness. Childhood dreams of noise essayed with photos of unsuspecting innocents running from noise weirdo (front cover) and texas blues albino drug zap (johnny winter – still alive and well detail – back cover). This is the story told in drone meditation and sweet slice.
25 Demons 'Evocation' CD
Consisting of Nate Young (of Wolf Eyes) and Steve Kenney, Demons explore near-epileptic and droning analog synth textures that elicit comfortable remembrances of electronic forefathers like Stockhausen and Cluster whilst simultaneously bludgeoning forward with the grating and scraping atonal complexities of Whitehouse and Throbbing Gristle. Having already rallied a fervorous flux of supporters with discomforting psychedelic multi-media performances and a slew of cryptic releases, Evocation is an appropriately elaborate and accomplished approximation of their shrewd identity and is their first full length CD release, with artwork by visual collaborator Alivia Zivich.
24 Merzbow 'Live Destruction at No Fun 2007' CD
At this year's No Fun Fest, the legendary Japanese noise king Merzbow (Masami Akita) gave a blistering performance that stunningly brought together both his classic analog and recently-explored digital concerns. Keeping pace between two laptops and an amplified sheet-metal instrument, the walls of computerized droning distortion and psyched-out metallic scarping easily reminded those attending to the world of noise that even icons with twenty-plus year careers under their belts can still vivaciously channel the advancements they helped build as well as compose stunning untried sounds.Merzbow's set no doubt left longtime followers thoroughly fulfilled while those who've only heard the name thrown around in mythical regard were bound to have been left with a hearty appreciation of his genius.
23 Pain Jerk / Incapacitants 'Live at No Fun Fest 2007' CD
Like no other music in this planet, these two Japanese noise masters deliver obsessive, precise and unforgettable live sets of intense electronic harsh beauty. Legendary Japanese noise masters Incapacitants and Pain Jerk performed for the first time ever in the US at No Fun Fest 2007, this CD include crystal clear board recordings of their sets, mastered for full audio brutality. If you haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing either of this acts live this is your chance, if you have then this is also your chance to re-experience two of the most amazing live performers of our time. Liner notes by Carlos Giffoni and Chris Goudreau (Sickness).
22 Carlos Giffoni / Aaron Dilloway 'Live at No Fun Fest 2007' LP
Full no fun 2007 live sets from each Giffoni and Dilloway recorded to the best possible quality. Total tape loop and contact microphone mangling from Dilloway, heavy analog synth destruction from to 350 copies.
21 Enema Syringe 'Live at No Fun Fest 2007' LP
Full No Fun Fest 2007 live set, recorded to the best possible quality. Totally insane and heavy set from Industrial/Noise Swedish Pioneer's Enema Syringe. Sounds just as killer and demented as they did in 86! limited to 350 copies.
20 C.C.C.C. 'Early Works' 4xcd Box
Box set from Japanese psychedelic noise legends C.C.C.C. collecting unreleased live material,including very early recordings from some of their first shows in 1990 and their 1992 us tour, along some long unvailible studio classics like the Phantasmagoria tape. Extensive liner notes by original member Fumio Kosakai ( now in Incapacitants,and many others) about the band beginings and his take on the C.C.C.C. vision. An essential document in the unique C.C.C.C. sound which Kosakai describes best as "psychedelic, cosmic and erotic". produced by C.C.C.C. founder Hiroshi Hasegawa. Extensive audio restoration and mastering by James Plotkin. Comes in delux slipcase box and digipack packaging. Limited to 1000 copies.
19 Hive Mind 'Cast Through Shallow Earth' LP
Synth music for the exploration of desolated lands, slow and detailed side long movements of pure tonal sound. After millions of years when everything has withered away and nothing survives what will remain in this earth? Minerals, boiling lava, smoke, and corrosion in a shallow earth.Limited to 400 copies.
18 Mouthus 2x12"
Industrial Psych Rock from Broolyn troglodites of heavyness. Twice the volume, twice the destruction, twice the machinery, twice the head ache of psychedelic industrial joy! Play it at whatever speed you want.
Limited to 350 copies.
17 Deathroes 'Final Expense' LP
DEATHROES is GERRITT and SIXES. Total Auditory destruction by these west coast veterans debut collaboration LP. Dark psychedelic drone, walls of sounds, electronic impossibility. Tectonic plates shift and rain of lava annihilates ones own soul along with everyone else’s. Enligthment and new death-born feelings combined with hallucinations so sharp and vivid that they lead to the disintegration of all senses. Salvation, elation, Truth?-no, only the final expense! Split Release with Misanthropic Agenda. Limited to 500 copies.
16 Jazkamer / Smegma 'Endless Coast' CD
A collaboration between American underground psychedelic/noise pioneers (and still kicking hard now for over 30 years) Smegma and Norweigan noise/metal masters Jazkamer. From two totally different worlds and approaches to sound a totally original abstract language is born creating an imaginary coast that extends from the brutality of the Scandinavian frozen seas to the dark and mysterious rock filled beaches of the American northwest - a landscape full of strange creatures and beings, an eternal and endless coast. Recorded and mixed at Smegma’s legendary home base Portland studio.
15 Merzbow/Carlos Giffoni/Jim O'Rourke 'Electric Dress' CD
Electric Dress covers the full spectrum of sound color possibility, from totally brutal walls of destructive noise to beautiful minimal synthetic interplay, analog drone and shifting alien electronics. A total face melting collaboration recorded live in Tokyo using an array of analog synths and a variety of custom analog equipment, including Merzbow's classic home made spring/junk metal instrument. Warm, varied, and obsessive this is what industrial music should have been, the sound of infinite machines demolishing a planet and creating a new structure where live organisms have been eradicated. Edited and mastered by Jim for maximum sonic annihilation.
14 Consumer Electronics 'Nobody's Ugly' LP
Consumer Electronics is the work of Mr. Philip Best (Whitehouse,Male Rape Group, Ramleh just to name a few!) Pioneer of power electronics and noise who's been at it since the early 80's in his early teenage years while we were all still sucking on our mother's breast and crying like retards. First full length Vinyl release for C.E. since 1993. Produced by Mr. William Bennett. Two side long tracks of beautiful evil noise and heavy layers of drone with the sonic power of recent Whitehouse releases and the classic Consumer Electronics tense and obsessive vibe.
Comes in heavy delux screened covers.Limited to 500 copies.
13 Religious Knives 'Remains' CD
Religious Knives is Mike Bernstein, Maya Miller and Nate Nelson. Remains is a psychedelic epic, completely beautiful, dark and overtaking. Dedicated to all believers of true infinity, Remains collects a series of early limited and out of print recordings, fully remastered and slightly reworked for this release full of slowly shifting synth melodies, atonal guitar, twisted percussion and haunting vocals. Long live eternal psychedelic dark beauty. Artwork by Maya Miller.
12 Burning Star Core 'Blood Lightning 2007' CD
Creeping drones, strange mutilated vocal incursions, and compositions full of unidentifiable sounds both acoustic and electronic. Another classic in sound exploration from the mind of Mr. C. Spencer Yeh. This is the sound of humanity looking into the depth of their soul searching for a reason to continue fighting the daily maze of homo sapien life. The three sisters on the front cover of this album all have the "mark of the devil. Like all No Fun Productions cd's comes in the deluxe classic mini-gatefold style no fun CD case.
11 Pita 'A Bas la Culture Marchande' LP
Pulsating inhuman sounds, minimal drone work, silence? harsh layered electronics and total death. Explorations into the infra-worlds with a few tool boxes and a fucking gigantic drill of destruction manned by a single man, Mr. Peter Rehberg-A sick man and 20th/21st century Pioneer of evil electronic music with all the secret formulas to create artificial breakdowns of space and time. Hail primal electronic darkness. First vinyl from Pita in several years. Limited to 300.
10 Aaron Dilloway ‘Concealed’ LP
In the brutality of the ecuatorian line jungles there are no second chances. Technology, human strength, vitality are all meaningless when you have a horde of wild animals chasing you, and yet, you need to kill one in order to have something to eat. Patience, Intelligence, and ability to conceal yourself with the right attire and until the precise moment to leap out in full animal ferocity is how we survive in here. 2 side long epics in raw looped tape and disfigured electronics sound from Michigan’s finest mangler. Limited to 300.
09 Prurient Cave Depression 7" Box
Continuing Prurient's recent direction into thick layered sound, this is a 6 part (three 7" records) creeping dark drone composition that is highly obsesive,focused, and ultimetly a deep personal journey into the cave that is ones own psyche. Comes in professionally hand screened box with black and white insert. hail prurient! hail total depression! hail to the total darkness of everything in our modern way of life!
08 Carlos Giffoni Arrogance CD
Five chapters of sound inspired by one of the most powerful and complex emotions of humankind. Arrogance is a departure from the digital machine insanity of his previous full length release, Welcome Home (Important Records), for a world of total analog electronics, primal energy, walls of monumental sound and precise attention to layers - creating massive slowly evolving structures that are both beautiful and terrifying. Arrogance is the first CD release on the No Fun Productions label. Recorded live with no overdubs in Brooklyn during a 12 month period by Carlos Giffoni and mastered by James Plotkin. Cover artwork by award winning artist/designer Megan Ellis.
07/LAFMS 102 Smegma/Carlos Giffoni/Metalux LP
Studio Collaboration Recorded and mixed by DR. ID. himself at Smegma's Portland studio during Metalux/Giffoni summer tour. Total weirdness full on psychedelic improvisation in the classic Smegma style, amplified by Giffoni's arsenal of unmatched apocalyptic precission machinery and Metalux's own arsenal of strangeness electronic sound and vocals from the next dimension. Already a total American classic before it even existed. Enjoy the Present. The Eternal Sound is now and forever.Coreleased between the Legendary LAFMS(Los Angeles Free Music Society) label, and No Fun Productions. Limited to 500.
06 John Wiese 'Tumbler' LP
Total Head Crush Destruction from Mr Wiese (also of Sissy Spacek and LHD, works with Sunn 0)), etc,etc), if your head was made out of a boulder the sounds here enclosed are still designed to leave behind nothing but blood stain dust. Side A is the eternal acid rain that we all fear slowly melting your skin away and reminding of your insignificant humanity, Side B is a metallic behemoth continously punching you from all directions leaving you with just enough unbroken bones so that you can breath. Another No Fun Classic. Limited to 300.
05 BURNING STAR CORE- 3 Sisters That Share An Eye LP
Compositions for 9 midgets with mohawks screaming about life and harsh electronics. nastiest burnign star core release to date. Spencer continues his search for the lost kingdom,with an army of his own he screams to them to get them psyched: "HARSH IS NICE!!!!!" limited to 300.
04 JIM O'ROURKE- 6 Oscillators 87/Guitar 88 LP
A lost piece in time from 1987 and a lost piece in time from 1988. 6 oscillators announces destruction and the future thats today, as giganntic synthetic sound bounces your brain to to total meltdown, only dust remains. Guitar rebuilds you and prepares you to face the reality of life. thet time for battle is now. unreleased until today, limited to 500 no fun style artwork. Jim rules.
Religious Knives is Mike Bernstein and Maya Miller (also in a band called Double Leopards) joined here by Nate Nelson (Mouthus). Lyrics, hunting melodies, twisted percussion, a road to simultaneous peace and destruction, A Prayer for the end. And Infinite Thought. An undecipherable pattern. Sometimes in the morning we wake up and cant open our eyes and are completely awake and sleeping at the same time, this record is this moment, as your brain reveals to you its many secret patterns, can you listen?. Limited to 300.
Carlos Giffoni. Something breaks. but not completely, it reshapes itself into giant bacteria, it has the ability of creating infinite heat and starts melting your record player. it becomes liquid but the speakers still work so you can hear perfectly every milisecond of the melting process. finallly it becomes a cannon and shuts the sun down. planets loose their orbit. earth becomes a giant mass crashing trough space. everything dies. you try to wake up but It is real.Limited to 300.
Nate Young from Wolf Eyes. As you go into your house you are completely paralized and suspended in mid air, you try to scream but there is no one there and there is only inward screams resonateing inside your brain. each of your limbs is slowly separated from your body as giant flesh eating bugs crawl inside the empty sockets, afterwards your limbs are reattached. you drop to the floor and the endless pain begins. Someone shows up but he is not your friend. he speaks a language you can't understand. He enjoys your pain. He says his name is Hatred.and that he is eternal.Limited to 300.